What is Sprout?

Sprout is a discount hub for new and expecting parents. Discounts, offers and promotions are redeemable across various brand partners in the UK. The purpose of Sprout is to enable parents to maintain their pre-baby lifestyle throughout their first year of parenting, a time when often maternity/paternity leave is taken to care for your baby and cutbacks need to be made. We want you, the parents to feel rewarded and special in what can sometimes be a roller coaster of a year!

Who is Sprout for?

Sprout is for all new and expecting parents. Whether you are pregnant or have a baby already, mothers become eligible to apply for membership as soon as they have been issued a valid NHS Maternity Exemption Certificate from the GP.

How do I become a member?

Visit the ‘Join’ page on our homepage or click here to start applying for your membership now.

How long can I be a member for?

A Sprout membership si valid for 18 months from the point of joining.

Why is a Sprout membership only open to mothers who are either pregnant of have a baby under one?

Whilst we know that parenting is a tough job however old your children are, we know how life changing having a newborn can be. We also know that this is the time when you or your partner may be taking time off from work to care for your little one and therefore on a reduced household income due to maternity/paternity pay. We believe that this year is one where parents deserve to be rewarded in as many ways as possible.

I don’t have a NHS Maternity Exemption Certificate, what should I do?

When you fall pregnant, expecting mothers are eligible to apply for a NHS maternity exemption certificate through your GP. The certificate is valid until your baby’s predicted first birthday. If you or your partner do not have one of these then please apply for one through your GP and as soon as you receive your certificate details, you will be able to apply for Sprout membership.

If you live in Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales where prescriptions are free, you are still able to apply for a NHS Maternity Exemption Certificate which entitles you to free dental care during your pregnancy and until your baby’s first birthday.

If you or your partner are going through the adoption or surrogacy process and not eligible for a NHS maternity exemption certificate, please email hello@getsprout.co.uk so we can discuss the details further with you and ensure you are able to join Sprout.

If you already hold an NHS exemption certificate for medical reasons other than pregnancy which therefore prevents you from obtaining a maternity certificate, please email hello@getsprout.co.uk so we can discuss the details further and ensure you are able to join Sprout.

How much does membership cost?

Membership costs a one of payment of £25. However, we recognise that currently, it is a very difficult time for many and there is a lot of uncertainty around health and financial well being. To support new and expecting parents as much as possible we want to offer you a Sprout membership for free. Your membership will give you full access to the Sprout site which will advertise discounts, promotions and offers with our brand partners as well as give you access to our Sprout news and blog.

Where can I get discounts?

Sprout’s goal is to make you, the parents feel rewarded through your first year of parenting. From retail, hospitality, beauty & wellness, lifestyle, baby products and much more, we partner with brands who we believe will give you that much needed boost when becoming a parent.  

How do I suggest a brand I would like discount at or give feedback?

Visit the contact us section on our home page or click here to get in touch now.

I can’t log in to my account

It may be that you need to reset your password. Please follow the ‘reset password’ link here and we will email you a new password. If this doesn’t work, please click here to contact us.

I don’t want to receive any marketing/emails any more

This is no problem at all. If you wish to opt out of the emails and marketing that we currently send you, please click ‘unsubscribe’ on an email you have received from us.

My query isn’t listed and I would like to get in touch

Please click here to visit our contact page. Once you have completed the contact form, will endeavour to get back to you within 48 hours of your query